Mo87 Main Page - The information source for collectors and modellers in the scale 1:87!
The heavy freight forwarding and crane service provider from Bonn.
The US "1/87 Vehicle Club" has an informative site with many gallerys of remodeling and new items.
The archive page of David Pollmer about bus models in the scale 1:87.
The "Modelshow Europe" in Ede / NL is the largest exhibition / exchange for crane, heavy duty and construction machine models in Europe - we are there with a booth!
The biggest German modeling fair in Dortmund, which takes place every year in April - we are there with our 40m² booth!
"Biggest hobby room in Germany" - that's the motto of the fair in Leipzig - we are there with our booth!
International fair for model railways and model making in Friedrichshafen - we are there with our booth.
The "International Exhibition for Model Train and Accessories" in Cologne takes place every 2 years.
Hansebube - the source of information for modelers and collectors of crane and heavy-duty vehicles.
The "Nederlandse Algemene Miniatuur Auto Club" is the organizer of the Namac exchanges in Houten / NL - we are also represented there with a booth.
The magazine for collectors of trucks, construction machinery, cranes and heavy duty in the model! The only men's magazine that man does not have to hide!
The international trade magazine for crane and lifting technology!
Website on which 1:50 models are extensively presented and rated in videos!
The website of Ricky Brüggemann, a 1:87 model maker and diorama builder.
The website of Oliver Dobisch, a modeler of heavy duty models, with many role model photos and reports of events.
The website of the "Verein für Schwerlastmodelle in 1:87".
The website of Klaus Ponsens, a model maker in 1:87, with many photos of his models.